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Base Class

The Base Class of each character on Doom Forge is the Warrior. Warriors excel in physical combat, and can use all items up to level 10. As a Warrior, you get to pick Active and Passive Skills from the first three Tiers.


Once you reach level 10, you can choose a subclass. Note that when your Victory Bonus causes you to gain enough experience to reach this level, you may have to fight one more fight or go to the skills panel. If you have previously picked a subclass, you can use the Change Class item to be taken to the screen where you Choose Your Path.


While during the process of game balancing a certain subclass may periodically have an advantage over the others, ultimately there is no 'best class'. Each subclass has its strengths and weaknesses, and comes with their own unique set of skills, traits and abilities.


The Paladin is a holy knight, crusading in the name of Good and Order. Paladins tend to be heavily armored and may study some minor healing magic. Strength and Intellect are highly valued stats for this subclass.

Item Restrictions

A Paladin can use any armor of appropriate Level, whether it is made of Cloth, Leather, Mail or Plate, and including Composite Armor. Paladins are limited to the use of One-handed Weapons in their main hand only, but can use a Shield in their off hand.


NameTypeTierRage Req.Rage CostActivationCool DownEffect

Template:Do for each Paladin Skill

Aesthetic trait

Some say Divine Powers cause a Paladin's eyes to glow, though there is no other known benefit.

Blade Master

Blade Masters truly are all-round experts in the Art of Melee. They can adapt to the use of any weapon, with awe-inspiring results. Strength and Stamina make them an adversary to reckon with.

Item Restrictions

A Blade Master can use any armor of appropriate Level, with the exception of Plate Armor. Blade Masters can use any One-handed Weapon in their main hand, and Shields in their off hand. They are the only subclass that can as an alternative use both hands to wield Two-handed Weapons.


NameTypeTierRage Req.Rage CostActivationCool DownEffect

Template:Do for each Blade Master Skill

Aesthetic trait

Blade Masters need no outward marks. Their skill at arms is their distinguishing feature.


The Berserker rules by his Rage. While they are only lightly armored, a Berserker's Speed alone makes them a worthy opponent. Strength and Agility are the stats most Berserkers invest in.

Item Restrictions

In order not to hinder their freedom of movement, Berserkers only wear armor made of Cloth or Leather, or Composite Armor. For the same reason they will not even consider using those unwieldy Shields. They are however adept at the use of any One-handed Weapon, and are the only subclass that is able to do so in either hand, making them able to Dual Wield.


NameTypeTierRage Req.Rage CostActivationCool DownEffect
Evade Active 6 22 0 Instantly 30s
Increases dodge chance by [x]%,
but reduces damage by 50%.
Lasts 6 seconds.

Stone Skin

  • Overlay.png
Level: 17
Maximum Rank: 3
Improves your armor by x% when your health is below 25%.

Brutal Force

  • Overlay.png
Level: 15
Maximum Rank: 2
Increase your critical damage by x% and your critical chance by y%.

Aesthetic trait

While they sure look fearsome, the Berserkers' full body tattoos are mere ornamentation.

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